What is a Cigar/Cigarette Girl & What Can They Hand Out?


The modern image of cigarette girl developed in the 1920s, largely seen in speakeasies and supper clubs. Cigarettes girls have been frequently shown in Hollywood films and have become a staple of film and theatre.

The most common uniform is a short saloon-style skirt above the knee dress accompanied with a matching pillbox hat and a tray held by a neck strap. Different colors and styles are available. Another title for a cigarette girl is candy girls.

Today, Cigar/Cigarette girls hand out candy, candy cigars, chewing gum, snacks, small desserts or anything else they can place on their trays. Party favors and giveaways can often be customized with your brand/logo for an additional fee.

Add Cigar/Cigarette Girls to your next event where they would not only add an element of beauty and excitement, but also interaction with your guests, including posting for photos!