What exactly is a real Las Vegas showgirl?

“Showgirl” is defined  as “A woman, typically attired in an elaborately decorated costume, who performs in a musical or theatrical production.”

So what defines a true, classic Las Vegas showgirl?

Showgirls represent and celebrate exceptional female beauty. Long, thick artificial eyelashes, vivid red lipstick, fishnet stockings, high heels, and great posture accentuate their features. Fishnet stockings are popular because they smooth out the texture and color of the leg skin. On stage, stylized poses and dance highlight their voluptuous and feminine qualities.

Las Vegas showgirls are stunning beauties who practically stand on a pedestal – the massive shimmering stage. From afar, their goddess-like beauty inspires veneration and admiration, and the audience is never allowed to believe that they could ever touch or get them. They remain airy grandeur mirages.

Showgirls add elegance and class to any party or event. They typically are rented out by the hour with often a two or three-hour minimum. There are different costume styles and colors to choose from.

Showgirls can be hired for a number of different types of parties and events, such as Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Night Club Promotions, Grand Openings, Fundraisers, Casino Themed Parties & Events, Awards Banquets, Product/Service Launches, and more.

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Purple Showgirl Costume